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San Diego Pug Rescue and Rocco Sauvage

San Diego Pug Rescue and Rocco Sauvage

Rocco Sauvage has teamed up with San Diego Pug Rescue.  For each “Rocco Sauvage” leather dog collar or leash we sell we will donate $1.00 to San Diego Pug Rescue!  Sun Diego Pug Rescue  The Pug Rescue of San Diego County is dedicated to the rescue and placement of homeless pug dogs in our county.  Check out their website for more details about this amazing cause.

Rocco Sauvage has Italian leather high quality dog collars and leashes available for extra small to medium dog breeds.  The leashes and collars were designed by Tara Sauvage and made from the highest quality metal and Italian leather.   They are beautiful and built to last.  The dog collars come in two styles, with or without studs.   Each collar features a custom pug pendant with pug face detail.

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Thanks for your support!


Tara & Rocco


Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016!

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!  I have been busy working in Los Angeles for a large apparel company as their Handbag and Accessories Design Director so I have not spend a lot of time on Rocco Sauvage the past year.  It has been a crazy year commuting back and forth between two cities.   I really feel like I could use a vacation.

Thanks to everyone who has supported our brand in 2015.  It is customers like you that make small business possible here in the United States.  Someday it would be great to be able to expand the brand to a larger company but right now we are happy with the online store and a few local San Diego collaborations.   We have a few new things in the works for 2016 but no sneak peek available just yet.

We want to wish everyone a healthy and happy new year!  Keep us in mind if you are looking for high quality men’s leather goods that are built to last & made in the USA!


Tara & Rocco (and Marco too)

The Right Time is Now!

The Right Time is Now!

I just spent 5 days in Las Vegas for the Project trade show.   We featured Rocco Sauvage along with another brand of men’s leather goods.  Our belts got the most attention.  We have really unique buckles that I found in Italy from a very small family owned company.  Many buyers told me they had seen nothing like that at the show.  It helps that I travel far and wide and pick up interesting things along the way.  I went to to Italy in 2010 for a leather trade show and saw the buckles.  At that time I was not even in the market for men’s leather goods and I owned a women’s handbag line.   However, the buckles were so cool that I just had to order a few for a future project.  Now finally they are available and in stock!  I know when I see something amazing, it just takes time to put a brand together and sell a product!

As an entrepreneur, I always believe the right time is NOW!  There are a lot of people that want to start their own business or launch a brand, but they wait years hoping that the perfect time will come along sometime in the future.   That is so not me, I believe the perfect time is NOW.   I know the time is going to go by anyway and we are all going to a year old next year, so why not start TODAY?  It might not always make you a million dollars but the best adage is NO REGRETS.

Thanks for supporting our small brand and come back soon for more unique items that are built to last!


The Vortex. Arizona. LOL!

The Vortex. Arizona. LOL!

I recently drove  9 hours across the desert from San Diego to Sedona, Arizona.   The drive was the long, boring and hot.  (not sure how else to describe the Arizona desert).   The average outside temperature was 104 degrees.   Driving across the Arizona desert in a 10 year old Jetta after the engine light comes on is not exactly intelligent – but we made it. 

We made it after several stops to cool down and to make sure the engine did not overheat.   Over the years I have heard about Sedona being a place for New Age types and a great place to visit.


We met up with my parents in Sedona for the weekend.   I have head all about how the spa treatments in Sedona are a must do.   I did not book in advance so the best I could do was a chair massage, 20 minutes for $30.00 plus tip.   I signed my mom and I up for our mini chair massage.  An older woman was the masseuse and during our short session to tried to explain how energy forces around the body work etc.  Its all about the Vortex.  I was lost after she tried to explain to me about the energy field around my head.   First of all, I needed to define “Vortex.”



What is the definition of “vortex”?

The term vortex refers to its less common definition: “A place or situation regarded as drawing into its center all that surrounds it.” In other words, a vortex is a site where the energy of an area is concentrated. Because Sedona as a whole is known to be a spiritual power spot, a vortex site in Sedona is a place where one can feel Sedona’s spiritual energy most strongly. 


After our short chair massages, the only vortex I found was in my wallet.   

Next, our visit was to some of the tourist places.  Maybe I could find inner peace by visiting some of the famous Sedona spiritual centers.  (not likely with whiny 9 year old in tow)  But first, lets identify them.

Chapel of the Holy Cross


Chapel of the Holy Cross.  Are you there God?


What are the commonly identified vortexes in Sedona?

The commonly identified vortex areas are: 

Airport Mesa. Closest to the Uptown area of Sedona, it offers panoramic views. Bell Rock. Adjoining the Village of Oak Creek, it has an easily identifiable bell- shape formation.Boynton Canyon. Still a site for annual Native American ceremonies, this vortex is off Dry Creek Road in West Sedona and offers the longest hike of the four main vortex sites–up to three hours round trip.Cathedral Rock. Located on Lower Red Rock Loop Road, it is the most photographed site in Sedona. The cathedral-like structure rises above Oak Creek.  Other special places to connect with the sacred energy of Sedona include The Chapel of the Holy Cross, Bell Rock Schnebly Hill, West Fork and the Amitabha Stupa.

I did not bring my hiking boots and our group consisted of my retired parents and a 9 year old kid so a 3 mile hike in 100 degree weather was not likely.  We took a drive up to “The Chapel of the Holy Cross” which is a church built into the rock.  It was very amazing architecture but with all the overweight tourists and people taking photos it was hard to find inner peace.  

Next we drove out to Bell Rock, this area is supposed to be a Vortex area.  The wind was hot and dry.  After walking around near the base of the rock and taking a few photos, I just wanted to get a cold diet coke on ice.  I did not feel any inner zen.   

Finding our inner peace at Bell Rock, Sedona




Was too hot to be Mystic.


Each Vortex area I visited was amazing scenery and great for photo ops, but unfortunately I did not have the time to find inner peace.   I am not saying it is not possible, maybe leaving the family at home and going on a solo spiritual trek would do the trick.  I also might sign up for one of those “Pink Jeep Tours” and a 90 minute massage and skip the energy healer.

After 3 nights and many junk shops, art gallery visits and Vortex stops we headed home back across the desert.   It was the stop in Gila Bend, Arizona where I finally found a Vortex of a different kind.

Gila Bend is a half dead ghost town on the side of the highway in between Phoenix and San Diego.  There is not much there except for a few shabby looking mid century style hotels and a few decrepit boarded up commercial buildings.   It is really nothing to look at.  We stopped to eat at the Space Age restaurant.  It was something out of the twilight zone.   Once inside, the Vortex was even stranger.  The sign on the side of the highway boasted about their salad bar.   The salad bar consisted of old lettuce, Green Jello, and Garbanzo beans for $3.95.   The green jello matched the 1960’s feel of the place.   Everyone in the restaurant was odd and it was the weirdest place I have been in a long time.  It took them 45 minutes to make toasted cheese sandwiches and fries.   Not sure what alien was working in the kitchen but who serves green jello and cottage cheese as a side in 2014?  I did not find my vortex in Sedona, but I found it in Gila Bend, Arizona.   (Sorry I did not get any photos of the salad bar for your viewing pleasure).


The real Vortex. Gila Bend, Arizona


The only Vortex here was found in the green jello at the salad bar!

I will get on the road again, hopefully not in the old Jetta, like the old saying goes…..


Photo taken by Tara Sauvage.  Highway 8, Arizona











Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014.  Hope all your dreams come true.  Rocco Sauvage is a work in progress and we invite you along for the journey.  Feel free to stop by and check our blog or subscribe to our updates.





Who is Rocco Sauvage?

Who is Rocco Sauvage?

We love Rocco! Actually Rocco is the name of my fawn colored pug.  He sleeps in my office most of the day!  Coming up with the brand was not that big of a challenge as I love the name Rocco and I love my last name, so its was a great fit.

Thanks for checking out our blog!  Stay tuned!